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B&B Terms and Conditions

Please read the following, if there is something you then need to discuss please do so, we will do our best to be flexible.

Terms & Conditions of booking Bed & Breakfast at Highfield Farm

The client agrees:

  1. In the event of a cancellation within eight days of arrival, full payment will be required unless A. N. Other books the room.  When taking a booking, we will ask for the security of a credit card number and details. Without these details your booking is not complete and may not be honoured.
  2. Bookings commence 4.30pm on the day of arrival, terminating 10.00am on the day of departure.      Arrival times are between 4.30pm and 8.30pm .
  3. No persons in excess of the number agreed at the time of booking are to occupy the room. Breach of this rule will terminate the contract without recompense to the client.
  4. We reserve the right to terminate the visit of any person whose conduct is detrimental to the comfort of others. Please respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum after 10.00pm.
  5. Certain pets are allowed only by prior arrangement and at the digression of the owners. They will be charged at £15 per night. They must not be left unattended in the room at any time, nor allowed on any furniture. Please bring their own bedding, towel and food/water. We only allow one area for accommodating pets. If this is booked, we cannot allow pets in other guest rooms and will not take the booking. We expect any damage/mess to be paid for. No pets are to be brought onto the farm.
  6. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond our control, we will provide a full refund of monies paid. No further financial claims will be considered.
  7. No liability shall be accepted by the us for loss, damage or theft of personal property    belonging to guests, either in the property or in/to cars, bicycles or other vehicles left on the property. Nor shall liability be accepted by the owners for accident or injury to guests, either within the property or outside.
  8. Please do inform us as soon as possible if you have a complaint with your accommodation or if you find that anything is faulty within the accommodation that needs our attention, so that we can assist and repair or make alternative arrangements. Due to the limited period of hire, it may not be possible to repair such items during the period of hire.
  9. Please ensure that you have your own travel insurance as we do not provide this.
  10. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge however we cannot always guarantee a consistent service. Use of our Wi-Fi implies acceptance of our Wi-Fi terms of use.


Please be aware, we do have a farm track to walk but we are a working farm and children MUST be accompanied/supervised at all times. Also the farm yard its self is strictly out of bounds for your own safety.

Thank you very much.